Drone Business Development

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I'm developing Drone-based new businesses for your current and new verticals, for better resource management and higher revenue opportunity.

What for?

3D Tower map, Tower pictures, Base Station RF parameters.
Building Crack Analysis for roof and walls
Security control on borders of your facility.
Field and plant intensity analysis, or the atomizer
3D Clutter Map preparing, NDVI map preparing, and your requests.

Who's it for?

Telecom Operators
Corporate and Private Building owners
Facility owners
Agriculture Field owners
3rd party companies who give service to big companies


Able to travel abroad
Able to travel domestic
Online delivery

Available Languages


How It Works

Analysis of customer requirements, working on HLD/LLD and preparing the mockup to agree on what will the business does at the end.
Preparing the service budget requirement based on demand, the number of products and type of solutions to integrate as a new business.
Organizing the new Business Plan in agreement with the Client, preparing agile sprints and milestones.
Preparing the RFP with our requirements and collecting RFQ from potential vendors. Evaluating responses together and then we start to work.
Performing the business lifecycle and maintenance conditions with the customer. Then preparing the project closing report.

What Clients Ask

Which services that you are providing?
Drones are providing a new point of view to existing businesses, and it's open to decrease the business cost. In my drone business development service, I'm providing demand management, RFP/RFQ management and Solution Integration Management. If you need a new product for the solution you want, or if existing solutions are expensive and you want to build a cheaper version, I'll integrate it with similar demand management.
What's your service price?
It depends on the request, its contribution to the business, business volume and business's future. All views and states mentioned in the previous sentence should be clarified and agreed before start to the project. Besides, the number of products, the number of vendors and integration processes manages these parameters. Nevertheless, we are open to negotiating all possibilities.
How many people will work for our project?
Firstly, I'll visit your office and will understand what you need, how you will use and which verticals that you would like to apply the new solution. Based on the project size and project scope, I may work with my software developer team if I'll implement an in-house solution for you. Otherwise, I'll work alone during business development consultancy and I'll work with you closely. (All details will be under the NDA Agreement.)

Go Deeper


I'm an Electrics Electronics Engineer and 11 years Telecom Industry experience. I worked telecom technologies, implementation projects, budget management, project and program management, IoT Product management (Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Agriculture, Smart plant etc.) and vendor management. I managed and participated in more than fifty projects and meet with customers many times. I worked with software developers to design HLD/LLD and Service Solutions. Now I'm going to use my experience, I'll combine my technical experience with my administrative background for my clients' unique product, service and/or automation requirements.

Market Practices

I worked in Turkcell and Vodafone Turkey for 11 years. I'm serving in the UK since 2019 May and worked as Instructor and Consultant to twelve customers till now. Most companies and individuals need to measure, detect and observe their interesting area and/or home/retail/animals/bikes/cars/plants etc. with sensors. Besides, the drone is a new solution for enterprise companies to detect problems, measure environmental indicators.

Future Trends

Drone-solutions are contributing to new verticals, and companies would like to use drone solutions' advantages if these leads OPEX Savings, better resource management and drive the higher revenue. In future, Drone solutions will be smarter with slight sensors, extra sensors' fewer battery needs, stronger drones and Machine Learning Route and Data management. Besides, every local authority's have different flying regulations about drones. It may affect the drones' automatic route tasks in future.


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