1. What are Cookies? What are Cookies Used for?

Official website in our company’s official website ( several kinds of cookies are used. Cookies are the small text files stored on devices or computers via the visited website. The options that you choose during the period of visiting the website, are stored via the website server. Thus, the website server will recognize the same visitor when he/she visits the website again.

The Cookies used;

  • improve the functionality and performance through the errors occurred during the use of the website and recognized deficiencies,
  • create and develop a portfolio depending on the high-demand products in order to provide better service to our customers and
  • maintain the safety of our customers and our website with commercial and legal security.


2. The Kinds of Cookies Used:


Cookie Type

Cookie Function

Session Cookies

These cookies are the temporary cookies that are used during the period of visiting the website and erased when the user closes the Web Browser. They are necessary for online channels to work properly.

The main purpose of the use of these cookies is to ensure the website working without error, being useful during the time of visiting and users do not have to enter more than one information.

For example; making easy to fill up the recurring forms.

Performance Cookies

The cookies are used to improve the performance of the related website.

They are used on the purpose of collecting data regarding the frequency of the rate of the website visit, determining what kind of error can be occurred and similar data.

The use of these cookies allows the owner of the page to collect information such as the frequency of visits to the pages, related error messages, the time users spend on the pages, and how they navigate online channels.

Functionality and Analytical Cookies

The cookies are used for the purpose of remembering the surfing of the website.

It enables the website to be effectively used and optimized depending on the user's choice. It may contain personal data by force of the intended purpose.

User Experience Cookies

The Cookies that are placed by the website the user visited.

Third-Party Cookies

The cookies that are used in websites but the visited websites.

They contain contents like advertisements or images at the visited website.

Essential Cookies

The cookies that are used on the purpose of recognition of ID or security for the websites to be used and to be surfed.

Targeting and Advertising cookies

The cookies that are used for the purpose of customizing of advertising offered to the user.

For example; they are used to offer to advertise depending on the hit rate of the advertising or the popularity of the products.


3. Management of Cookies

Generally, internet browsers work so as to automatically accept cookies. Depending on the internet browser used; when visiting websites, the warning is provided about cookies before accepting cookies. In this way, you can make changes to blocking all cookies and similar matters.    

If you visit our website by different devices, you are required to change the settings of the browser in the context of each device.

In the case of blocking cookies used on our website, you are informed that the website performance will go down and the website may not work properly. 

You can find more details about cookies in this website here.

You can find more details about the settings of cookies in the internet browsers below:


4. Non Disclosure Policy

The security of our customers has particular importance for us so that your all personal data are protected at a high level of protection in our website by taking all organizational and technical measures.

You can find more details about this issue in the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy placed on our website.