Customized IoT Solutions

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I'm preparing customized IoT solutions based on your requirements. We're working on HLD/LLD documents with you and the project milestones.

What for?

Smart City (managing sensors and observing KPIs/Indicators online)
Smart house (managing sensors and observing KPIs/Indicators online)
Smart agriculture (earth structure based on different air condition)
Smart animal (Animal tracking, animal behaviour tracking)
Smart Tracking

Who's it for?

Enterprise Customers, Plants, Retails
Animals, pets, farms


Able to travel abroad
Able to travel domestic
Classroom training/workshop
Online delivery

Available Languages


How It Works

Analysis of customer requirements, working on HLD/LLD and preparing the mockup to agree on what will we do at the end.
Preparing the project budget requirement based on demand, the number of products after the prototype process.
Planning the project plan In agreement with the customer, preparing agile sprints and milestones.
Design and the first prototype process and UI (User Interface) if needed.
Performing product lifecycle with the customer for future and maintenance. Then preparing the project closing report.

What Clients Ask

What kind of product or services that you are providing?
Yesterday, the world talked about automatization, sensors, big data etc. Today, we are talking about AI, ML, AR/VR, smart products. I'd like to discuss with you about tomorrow. But firstly,we need to handle yesterday. Today still more companies and more people are far away from sensors' benefits and exactly high profit, OPEX Saving, CAPEX Avoidance. I'll work with you about your requirement. I'm going to design a specific product for you and we'll manage all lifecycle together for HaaS and SaaS.
What's your service price?
It's based on your requirements. You may need less than 10 IoT product and dashboard for KPIs. Or, you may need 200IoT devices, web dashboard and application. Besides, You IoT devices may include 3 sensors or 10 sensors. You may need IP54 or IP66. This is related to what you need and when you need, that's what's your plan.We're open to discuss and negotiate alternatives.
How many people will work for our project?
Firstly, I'll visit your office and will understand what you need, why you will use and re-design process options to optimize the solution. based on the project size and project scope, I will work my software developers to manage the project with the best time and the best performance. (All details will be under the NDA Agreement.)

Go Deeper


I'm an Electrics Electronics Engineer and 11 years Telecom Industry experience. I worked telecom technologies, implementation projects, budget management, project and program management, IoT Product management (Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Agriculture, Smart plant etc.) and vendor management. I managed and participated in more than fifty projects and meet with customers many times. I worked with software developers to design HLD/LLD and SaaS. Now I'm going to use my experience, I'll combine my technical experience with my administrative background for my customers' unique products and/or automation requires with IoT systems.

Market Practices

I worked in Turkcell and Vodafone Turkey for 11 years. I'm serving in the UK since 2019 May and worked as Instructor and Consultant to twelve customers till now. Most companies and individuals need to measure, detect and observe their interesting area and/or home/retail/animals/bikes/cars/plants etc. with sensors. The Industry is ready, every sensor never tired, never hungry, never complained. They work based on your rules, your requirements. AI, the next phase - why not!

Future Trends

First of all, after the production phase and start to the commercial phase we will collect data from sensors and start to work data manipulation and data rationalization. Data is our best insight items. Thus we will understand what's happening on live. Then we will both optimize the IoT network and step by step we will (can - it depends on your requirements) prepare the data sets to AI decisions with Machine Learning algorithms.


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