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The Insightech LTD. is a UK based IT, IoT, Telecom and Data Analytics company which provides insights to brand with their own data to help their create efficient and smart strategies.

Specialized for IT, IoT and Wireless Telecommunication about following and more subjects.
- 2G, 3G, LTE Wireless RAN Technologies for Network Planning and Optimization,
- Spectrum Refarming to LTE and 5GNR,
- Manage and suggest RAN Architecture and related Transmission Architecture Strategy,
- Future Network Strategy,
- IoT Network Strategy,
- IoT Business Development,
- Technology-based data usage,
- Smart Investment Strategies,
- NB-IoT link budget and site selection,
- NB-IoT Business Plan creation,
- Fully Professional e-Commerce web Design,
- OPEX Saving Projects,
- Inventory management


Reading, UK